Optimize the kilometers of your teams of delivery drivers

In the transport and urban logistics sector, delivery drivers are facing rapid changes related to sustainable mobility and increasing customer expectations. How to manage your teams of delivery drivers to meet these requirements?

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Sectorize your activity

Improve your delivery areas and distribute the workload evenly among your deliverers, set achievable goals and anticipate developments such as expansion to new territories.

Track your parcels in real time

Control your entire supply chain with complete and reliable traceability of your activity. From warehouse to delivery, you can track the status and location of your parcels in real time and keep the recipient informed.

Optimize your tours

Generate realistic and profitable route plans while reducing the environmental impact of your logistics activities. Improve the productivity of your deliverers and subcontractors by 20 to 30%.

Build a logistics efficient and responsible

For last-mile players, the use of innovative tools is essential to boost productivity, customer satisfaction and reduce the carbon footprint. Nomadia solutions optimize routes, pool logistics flows and ensure complete traceability of parcels, resulting in productivity increases of up to 30% and CO2 emissions reductions of 20 to 30%.

Facilitate Eco-Responsible Deliveries and Shipment Planning

  • creation of optimized route plans
  • organization of sectors according to delivery volumes
  • integration of EPZ perimeters in our solution

Digitize your business processes

  • all-in-one mobile app for delivery, operations and order pickers
  • ease and reliability of logistics operations thanks to a range of professional mobile terminals
  • SaaS application ready to use
  • API integration directly within your applications
  • protection of the lone worker

Increase the customer satisfaction

  • assisted and automated planning to offer optimized delivery slots in real time
  • alert system allowing the route planner to react quickly to any hazard and inform the customer
  • tracking notifications by email and sms
  • personalized reports and satisfaction surveys

What our customers have to say about Nomadia solutions

Our business solutions to support you

White paper, the guide to optimize your logistics routes

You manage transport routes and you seek to guarantee the best possible service to your customers, increase the number of deliveries made each day and reduce the cost of the routes. Find in this guide the keys to optimize your transport routes.

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