Nomadia Protect, the application to protect lone workers

Ensure the protection of your lone workers in case of accidents, falls, illnesses or assaults with the most complete lone worker protection and alert solution on the market.

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The lone worker protection application that saves lives


When protecting human lives, you need to be able to count on a reliable and efficient service. Thus, our rigorous processes and monitoring systems guarantee a continuous and flawless availability of our service.


Each profession is exposed to its own specific risk situations. Nomadia Protect adapts to each situation (fall detection, immobility, voluntary alert, positive security) by generating alerts from different devices (smartphone, watch, PC).


In order to facilitate interventions to the maximum, Nomadia Protect proposes various possibilities to manage the alerts: remote assistance (24/7), treatment of the alerts in-house by a voice server or via a PC.


Simple to use and easy to configure, Nomadia Protect is an intuitive and ergonomic application that also offers a web administration interface for setting up and monitoring your lone worker protection equipment fleet.

Discover Nomadia Protect in 2 minutes

Send your alerts from different media

Nomadia Protect Smartphone

Allows you to send an alert from a cell phone

Nomadia Protect Watch

Allows you to send an alert from a watch

Nomadia Alert System PC

Allows you to send an alert from a computer

How does our lone worker application work?

1. Generate an alert

• Fall detection by algorithm (System based on acceleration and rotation),
• Free fall detection,
• Detection of loss of verticality (System based on the position of the phone).

• Shake the smartphone to trigger the SOS alert,
• Press the power button on the smartphone several times,
• Press the application button,
• Press the dedicated button (Crosscall smartphones for example).

An alert is triggered if no movement is detected, the duration of immobility is configurable by the system administrator.

If a user in the white zone exceeds the time limit, the alert will be triggered.

2. Receive and process an alert

• Send SMS or email to the numbers or addresses of your choice,
• Sending a push notification to the phones of your fleet equipped with Nomadia Protect.

Our voice server calls up to 5 telephone numbers, in the order you have predefined, to be connected automatically to the sender of the alert. The management of the alerts takes place directly from an internal PC and locates on a map the place of emission of the alert. This monitoring service, accessible by webservice, can be installed directly within your IT structure.

The processing of alerts can also be entrusted to an external remote surveillance company, in charge of removing any doubt. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the remote monitoring software reports alerts in real time and transmits the geolocation by GPS.

3. Qualify an alert

• Geolocation consists in determining the location of an object or a person using different systems,
• The indoor geolocation lets you know, with precision, the location of a person in a place where access to satellites and GPS data is not available.

The identity and profile of the person issuing the alert are transmitted in order to facilitate a possible intervention of the emergency services.

The type of alert is transmitted in order to better determine the type of accident and facilitate the work of the rescue team (fall alert, voluntary alert, immobility alert or positive security alert).

Add the information you want to your alert (date, time of the incident, etc.).

Server of high availability

  • Increased reliability : Continuous database replication ensures constant application availability, even in the event of hardware or maintenance failures.
  • Data security : Real-time replication across multiple servers reduces the risk of data loss in the event of a failure.
  • Geographic Resilience : Servers spread across multiple sites ensure continuity of service in the face of unforeseen events such as natural disasters or regional outages.

Data Protection

  • Regulatory Compliance : Storing backups in France ensures compliance with local and European data protection regulations.
  • Data sovereignty : We guarantee full control over stored data, addressing security and privacy concerns.
  • Protection of sensitive data : The protection of users’ data, particularly those of lone workers, is improved, strengthening customer confidence.

What happens in case of technical problem on the server ?

This ensures that even in the event of hardware or maintenance problems, your data remains accessible and secure.

In the event of a power outage or natural disaster, servers in different locations ensure that your service remains operational.

Storing your data in France helps you comply with local and European data protection rules, thus ensuring the security and legality of your operations.

In addition to ensuring service continuity in the event of local disruptions, geographic resilience can also improve performance by reducing latency for users near servers, resulting in a better user experience.

What our customers have to say about Nomadia solutions

Nomadia, your single point of contact for the protection of your teams

From the implementation of the Nomadia Protect application to the sale of equipment, our end-to-end offer also allows you to benefit from calibration and testing services for critical functions that are essential to the proper functioning of your equipment.

Thanks to our partner network, we offer a complete service for lone worker protection equipment. Whether you are looking for a watch, an armband or an ATEX smartphone, Nomadia is there to propose a complete offer with the appropriate equipment.

• Polar armband
• Medallion

• Crosscall Core-X5
• Crosscall ACTION-X5
• Crosscall Core-M5
• Crosscall TREKKER-X4
• Crosscall CORE X4
• Zebra TC57
• Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4s
• Smart-Ex® 02 DZ1
• Ex-Handy 10 DZ1 - ATEX
• Ex-Handy 10 DZ2 - ATEX
• Smart-Ex® 02 DZ2
• Smartphone Atex IS520.1
• Smartphone Atex IS520.2
• SMArt-eX 201

Our business solutions to support you

Protecting your employees also means supporting them in managing and planning their interventions. To help you reduce the stress of your teams, plan their interventions and organize their tasks, Nomadia provides you with a large number of solutions and accompanies you in reaching your objectives.

Legal compliance

The Nomadia Protect solution ensures compliance with lone worker protection requirements. By using our lone worker protection solution, you can improve safety in the workplace while complying with labor laws and safety standards.

Product FAQs

Nomadia Protect is an application designed to safeguard your isolated workers.

It enables isolated workers to send alerts in case of accidents, falls, discomfort, or assaults. Our solution is the most comprehensive PTI/DATI solution on the market and is accessible from various devices according to your needs: phone, smartwatch, computer.

Whether the alert is triggered automatically by our application or manually by your isolated worker, an alert notification is sent to the phone numbers or email addresses of your choice.

You can also configure our voice server to contact up to 5 phone numbers to be automatically connected with the alert sender.

The alert handling can also be entrusted to an external remote monitoring company, responsible for performing the verification. Available 24/7, the remote monitoring software sends real-time alarms and transmits GPS geolocation.

Every profession is exposed to specific risk situations. Nomadia Protect is the application that protects your isolated workers and enables them to be quickly assisted in case of an accident.

Regardless of your industry, Nomadia Protect is the solution to safeguard the lives of your isolated workers.

Yes, Nomadia Protect has one of the most advanced and reliable algorithms on the market, offering cutting-edge technology that ensures the safety of your isolated workers. When satellite and GPS data are not accessible, an indoor geolocation system is implemented to precisely determine the location of an isolated worker for prompt assistance.

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