TourSolver, the SaaS solution to optimize your logistics routes.

Generate realistic, cost-effective route plans and track their execution in the field in real time.

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Based on user feedback from Gartner Peer Insights, Capterra and GetApp. Sourceforge Top Performer Winter 2023..

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20 to 30% increase in productivity.

TourSolver is the benchmark solution for optimizing logistics from first to last mile: your delivery, distribution and collection routes become more pertinent and cost-effective.

100% reliable routes

Taking into account all your specific parameters and those of your customers allows you to obtain realistic, reliable route plans while gaining 20 to 30% in productivity.

15% reduction in distance traveled

Smart appointment scheduling and route optimization drastically reduce the distance covered, saving in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Fast ROI

Optimizing vehicle fill rates, pooling resources and digitizing delivery personnel all improve cost-effectiveness and team productivity.

Optimized service quality

Customers can rely on the schedule that they have selected, since drivers arrive on time. The customer gets information in real time at each stage of the delivery.

All the features.

With TourSolver, you can generate realistic, cost-effective circuit plans and track their execution in the field in real time.

Creation of optimized route plans:
  • More than 150 specific parameters may be taken into account by the AI optimization engine;
  • up to 11 modes of transport, including electric vehicles;
  • consideration of traffic, weather conditions and prohibited transit zones;
  • subcontractor management, etc.

Assisted, automated scheduling for real-time optimized delivery slots.

Whether directly integrated into your online site, connected to your call center, or accessible from your technicians’ or subcontractors’ mobile application, this feature guarantees that your work is globally optimized, offering a real competitive advantage.

Sectors may be divided according to delivery volumes: TourSolver helps you balance your workload by optimizing your geographic sectorization before establishing circuits.

Digitalization and safety of transport instructions thanks to traceability functionalities such as scans and photos.

Do you want to go further? From the geolocation of actions to the management of flow security, including visualizing of on-board mobile stocks or configuring responsibility transfers ( transfer to warehouses, multi-deliverers, returns management), Nomadia offers a complete DMS platform that helps you manage the delivery of your parcels in real time.

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Analysis of optimization results, performance monitoring dashboards, comparison and examination of various optimization simulations, and visualization of variations. Looking for an all-in-one tool? Toursolver offers a dedicated simulation version that allows you to define optimal route plans by instantly analyzing the impact of your various scenarios on your organization.

Discover TourSolver Simulator

Low emission mobility zones perimeters are integrated into our solution and taken into account in route planning and optimization. These sectors are updated as they are made official by the local authorities concerned.

This multi-platform mobile application helps your field teams organize and perform their tasks: agenda management, navigation, report entry, reporting of information on delivery status, signatures, photos, lone worker protection, etc.

TourSolver features a specialized Lone Worker Protection module. Because it generates and processes automatic and optional alerts, TourSolver is a valuable assistance device that improves field team safety:

  • fall detection system
  • detection of prolonged immobility
  • positive security
  • SOS button

Because the fleet is geolocated, the planner can monitor the execution of the circuit in real time: view whether interventions are timely or late, view rescheduled or cancelled appointments, and see the difference between the projected and achieved schedules. Alerts make it possible to react quickly to any hazards and keep the customer informed.

A number of functions are provided to establish a long-lasting, high-quality customer relationship:
  • a personalized appointment portal for principals;
  • ecological slot scheduling through the calculation of the time slot with the lowest economic and ecological impact;
  • follow-up notifications by email and SMS;
  • personalized reports and satisfaction surveys.

TourSolver is an out-of-the-box SaaS application that is easy to use and that adapts to your specific needs. SSO authentication guarantees security and convenience, while a wizard guides the user step-by-step in discovering the tool or new features.

Data import and export may be performed by simple file drag-and-drop or through connectors (Google Suite, MS Office, QuickBook or billing software, etc.).

The TourSolver API makes it possible to integrate circuit optimization into your applications.

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FAQ on the product

TourSolver is a powerful route optimization and planning software designed to improve your logistics operations. It helps you create efficient and cost-effective route planning for deliveries, distribution and collections.

By optimizing your trips, you significantly increase your productivity, reduce your travel distances and improve the quality of service for your customers.

TourSolver uses artificial intelligence powered optimization to create optimal journey plans. It takes into account more than 150 specific parameters, including traffic conditions, weather forecasts, transit-free zones and vehicle profiles.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your journey is realistic, reliable and tailored to your specific needs.

TourSolver is adaptable and adapts to all business sectors, including delivery services, distribution companies and collection operations.

It is suitable for companies of all sizes looking to optimize their logistics processes, reduce their expenses and improve customer satisfaction.

TourSolver ensures fast ROI through optimized vehicle fill rates, resource allocation and digitized delivery processes.

These improvements result in greater profitability and increased team productivity.

Yes, TourSolver offers real-time tracking of journey execution via its cross-platform mobile app.

In addition, it integrates features such as calendar management, navigation, reporting and sharing information with customers.

Our customers can count on accurate schedules, instant updates and delivery details at every step.

TourSolver offers a REST API (Application Programming Interface) that facilitates seamless integration of route optimization into your ERP, CRM, TMS, WMS and other applications.

By configuring webhooks for results retrieval, you can automate processes to align them with your specific needs. The integration is fast, easy to implement and ensures a smooth user experience.

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Fortes de l’expertise d’un éditeur-intégrateur et d’un cabinet de conseil, les équipes Nomadia vous fournissent un accompagnement sur-mesure, du data conseil au déploiement de terminaux mobiles. Enfin, notre support technique est à votre écoute 24h/24, 7j/7.


Nomadia is the leading French publisher of SaaS Smart Mobility solutions, guiding more than 175,000 professionals in the field every day. Our solutions are easy to use and quick to roll out, and they guarantee a significant, immediate return on investment.

Combining the expertise of a software integrator / editor with that of a consulting firm, Nomadia’s teams provide you with customized support, from data consulting to the roll-out of mobile terminals. Moreover, our technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nomadia solutions guide the digital transformation of all types of mobile professionals: traveling sales representatives, delivery drivers, technicians, auditors, healthcare personnel, diagnosticians, service providers, patrolmen, experts, and more.

From small- and medium-sized companies to large corporations, our solutions can be adapted to companies of any size and in any sector.

Each Nomadia solution consists of a ready-to-use SaaS which includes a back office and a mobile business application specially designed for field operations.

Our APIs and their many connectors allow you to integrate our technologies into third-party applications, whether those are custom solutions or market standards.

Our consultant teams can also help you set up a customized solution that is perfectly adapted to your business processes.

Yes! Contact our team to get an evaluation version of the solution of your choice.

As a company committed to the planet, Nomadia naturally asserts a strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. We integrate social, ecological and economic issues into everything we do.

By optimizing the mobility of mobile professionals, our solutions help improve our customers’ productivity, the well-being of their employees, and the impact of their businesses on the environment.

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