Return on Investment and operational benefits.

Productivity, operational costs, CO2 emissions, working conditions, customer satisfaction… Our customers testify!

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What are the returns on investment observed by our clients?

Our clients who use our solutions report on average:

+25% of productivity.
-30% in CO2 emissions.
-15% of travel time.

What operational benefits do the Nomadia solutions bring you?


Reduction of CO2 emissions.

Optimization of mileage and transportation cost.

Travel time.

-10% reduction in travel time for field teams

Routes and visits without adding unnecessary kilometers


Productivity gains of around 25%

110% increase in the number of daily interventions per employee.


Transportation cost reduced by 15%

Visits and routes 100% reliable

Vehicle fill rate optimized.


Improved working conditions

Field teams are supported and can better integrate new challenges related to their profession.

Customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction

Reliable time slots offered

Information provided ahead of the visit.

The benefits relevant to your professions

Our solutions are modular and customizable. For every business challenge, there’s a solution!


Sales Force
Our solutions design the ideal routes for you, reducing kilometers traveled, maximizing time spent with clients, and significantly decreasing the environmental impact of their travel.

Delivery Drivers
Route optimization is the key challenge for cheaper, personalized, and cleaner last-mile logistics. Our solutions allow for a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions by minimizing kilometers traveled.

Smart scheduling and route optimization help reduce CO2 emissions by cutting down the number of kilometers traveled by 20 to 30%.

Travel time

Sales Force
Optimizing the routes of your salespeople allows grouping their visits and reducing travel time and kilometers traveled. Our sectorization solutions also propose dividing your territories while minimizing the travel times of your mobile teams.

Delivery Drivers
Our solutions are designed to automate as many tasks as possible and offer better performance for the order handling service. The application optimizes the assignment of parcels to delivery drivers and their routes, choosing the most convenient route so that the recipient can be delivered on time.

With real-time comprehensive management of appointment schedules and movements, our tools design the best possible planning to reduce travel time and the number of kilometers to be traveled. With minimized travel time between each intervention location, punctuality at client sites is guaranteed, and working conditions are improved.


Sales Force
Preparing visits and simplified data entry from the field enables our clients to observe a +20% increase in productivity gains. Salespeople conduct more client meetings, significantly reduce unproductive visits, and achieve their goals.

Drivers Our DMS platform optimizes routes and increases delivery driver productivity by 20 to 30%. Field teams effectively reduce the number of vehicle stops by optimizing vehicle movements and delivery personnel’s walking routes.

In an era where eco-responsibility has become the norm, intelligent management of your field teams’ mobility is a necessity. Our Nomadia Field Service solution automates your field teams’ schedules, adjusts organization to demand changes, and allows for real-time appointment creation and rescheduling to handle emergencies. On average, our clients observe a +110% increase in daily interventions per technician, a +20% gain in team productivity by reducing kilometers traveled by 15%.


Sales Force
In addition to the savings in time and travel costs, averaging around €800 per driver per month, our territory optimization tools allow for logical ordering of visits, adapting workforce size, and monitoring performance.

Drivers Drivers equipped with our solutions have 100% reliable routes without unnecessary kilometers, with optimized vehicle fill rates. With real operational cost parameterization, transportation costs are reduced by 15%, saving an average of €1,000 per driver per month.

Our field intervention optimization solutions significantly reduce fuel consumption per intervention, increase the average number of tasks completed each day, minimize time spent on planning and appointment scheduling, and reduce the number of resources involved.

Working conditions

By adopting our solutions, your field teams gain flexibility, working comfort, and can focus more on their core tasks. Beyond tangible statistical results, the traveling professionals we assist feel better supported and are better equipped to handle the new challenges associated with their missions. The road risks associated with their travels are minimized, reducing fatigue and stress among your teams.

Customer satisfaction

Force de vente
Pour une valorisation accrue de votre portefeuille client, nous nous assurons que la missions commerciales soit effectuée dans les temps dès la première fois et à chaque fois. Les fenêtres horaires de rendez-vous proposées à vos clients sont aussi réduites et respectées.

Chauffeurs livreurs
Nos solutions assurent le respect des délais et des heures de livraison, ce qui améliore grandement l’expérience client, avec la possibilité de suivre l’acheminement de son colis grâce au tracking.

Les créneaux d’intervention proposés aux clients sont plus courts et les engagements mieux respectés. Pour une qualité de service irréprochable, le client reçoit des notifications leur confirmant leur rendez-vous et peut suivre en temps réel l’arrivée du technicien sur une carte.

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