Nomadia: your partner for decarbonation

Discover our solutions designed to reduce your CO2 emissions and make it easier to produce your carbon report. 

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Working together to make decarbonization a success

Measure your ecological impact

We make it easier for you to produce your carbon report using our solutions, thanks to data formats that are compatible with European and international standards.



Reduce your carbon footprint

We help you optimize how your employees travel. You will see a drastic drop in your CO2 emissions of around 20% to 30%. 

Support your decarbonization initiatives

To help with the electrification of your vehicle fleet, our solutions take into account charging times and locations when calculating routes. 

Our expertise at your service

Produce your carbon report

  • Collect the data you need to produce your business travel carbon report using our solutions. 
  • Make it easier to calculate Scopes 1 and 3 of your carbon report with our partner SAMI, a Bilan Carbone® certified platform. 
  • Centralize all your climate data, and accurately measure your carbon footprint and how it changes over time. 
  • Implement an action plan to reduce the environmental impact of your business travel. 

Reduce your CO2 emissions

  • Implement innovative, sustainable solutions to optimize your business travel and its cost. 
  • Significantly reduce CO2 emissions by around 20% to 30% on average by using our solutions. 

Support your energy transition

  • We help our customers modernize their fleet efficiently and sustainably. 
  • We analyze trips and charging requirements for electric vehicles. 
  • We optimize your trips by taking into account charging times and locations, as well as the specifics of electric vehicles (range and charging requirements). 
  • We include charging stations in our route calculations so your teams can carry out their tasks unhindered. 

Our four levers for reducing CO2 emissions

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