Security: Simplify and optimize the interventions of your agents in the field

Field teams can be exposed to a multitude of hazards and unexpected events.  In light of this operational reality, how can you improve your procedures to ensure the safety of your security officers and the optimal monitoring of their activity?

Random field visits

to guarantee the unpredictability of the agents’ passages during the rounds, thus improving their safety while optimizing the routes.

Optimized management of unforeseen events

to allow agents via the mobile application to optimally readjust their visit schedule directly from the field.

Validation of interventions

to increase productivity and coordination, while quickly collecting evidence of passage at different sites.

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Patrols, surveillance rounds, security equipment checks, intrusion prevention

Optimize the interventions of security guards

  • Improve worker productivity through optimized tours: more interventions, fewer kilometres travelled and less CO2 emissions;
  • Take into account the constraints inherent to the security business (random planning of visits to ensure the unpredictability of monitoring actions, optimization of night tours – non-standard functionality in most optimization engines), security guards and customers;
  • Optimally adjust from the field the schedule of visits remaining to be carried out in the event of an incident occurring during a round.

Protect stakeholders in all circumstances

  • Follow in real time the position of agents to ensure their own safety and ensure optimal monitoring of the activity;
  • Generate alerts from the field by automatically detecting a fall or prolonged immobility or via an alert triggered voluntarily from various equipment (smartphone, watch, PC) in case of discomfort, accident or aggression of the agent;
  • Program positive security to protect the agent in case of intervention in an area without network coverage.

Improve the productivity of agents

  • Edit detailed reports from the field and share them in real time with the back office;
  • Automatically collect proof of passage: NFC tag, QR code scan, photo taking with timestamp and geolocation;
  • Communicate with the end customer via personalized notifications (follow-up, report, satisfaction questionnaire, etc.);
  • Re-aoptimize the remaining tours to be carried out directly from the field if an intervention required more time than expected.

Strengthening the CSR policy

  • Engage the company for the safety and well-being of employees;
  • Improve services to clients and communities;
  • Adopt innovative and responsible technology that promotes a safer and more efficient work environment;
  • Reduce the impact of travel on the environment.

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