Nomadia Territory Manager, the solution to optimize your sales sectors.

Distribute your business and assign work to your teams consistently across your sales territory. Easy to use and quick to learn, Nomadia Territory Manager optimizes your business strategies and improves your performance.

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4.8 out of 5

Based on user feedback from Gartner Peer Insights, Capterra and GetApp. Also voted Top Performer Summer 2022 by Sourceforge.

Establish sectors adapted to your territory and your strategy.

Optimizing your territory management allows you to determine realistic and achievable sales objectives, anticipate changes, optimally cover your sales territory, and improve your teams’ efficiency.

Optimal sales sectors

Visualize your existing sectors and analyze your sales organization to highlight any inequalities and adjust the potential of your sectors whenever necessary.

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Balanced customer portfolio

Balance your customer portfolio, distribute your field teams consistently across the territory, and determine achievable sales targets.

Immediate learning curve

Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can get started immediately: import and localize data, configure the tool, make dynamic modifications, activate automatic optimization…


Archive your simulations, explore the many possibilities of exporting your results, and share the new sales sectors with your employees.

All the features.

With Nomadia Territory Manager, optimize your sectorization to further ramp up the efficiency of your commercial strategy.

Create maps and dynamic graphs to represent key indicators and all kinds of business data:
  • sectorization around a given location (agency, home, etc.);
  • sectorization according to a polygon (postal code, IRIS, geographic units of analysis, etc.);
  • heat and flux maps;
  • isochrone maps, barycenters, etc.

Nomadia Territory Manager helps you identify imbalances and dysfunctions that could stand in the way of achieving your objectives: overly large sectors, non-equitable potential, customers not covered, and so on.

Sectors are automatically balanced using artificial intelligence to achieve optimal sectorization.

Sectorization according to points, around given locations, or based on polygons: a wizard helps you determine the ideal organization determined on the basis of your most relevant business indicators (turnover, number of points, etc.) to balance the field teams’ workload.

A wide range of tools allows you to express your business knowledge by manually adjusting a sectorization.

Each time you make a change in the map such as transferring customers to another sector, for example, you can instantly see the impact on your key indicators (dynamic tables and graphs). Nomadia Territory Manager is a valuable decision-making solution that helps you make the right choices.
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Automated comparison among various sectorizations, scenario simulation, and interactive adjustments make it possible to build the ideal sectorization.

Nomadia Territory Manager is a collaborative tool that allows you to easily share information and hypotheses and to export the results in the format of your choice (.png, .xlsx, etc.) at a click.

Drag-and-drop to import data from one of the many supported formats: Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, OneDrive, etc. Importing data, geocoding addresses, optimizing sectorization, and exporting the results is child's play!

The APIs of Nomadia Territory Manager also make it possible to integrate data directly from your applications.

Nomadia Territory Manager is an accessible tool that is quick and simple to learn, and it is compatible with touch screens. Customize the interface and take advantage of the built-in step-by-step guidance to discover and use the tool. No training is required to learn to use this solution.

Discover Nomadia Territory Manager in one minute!

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Product FAQs

Nomadia Territory Manager is a powerful solution designed to improve the efficiency of your sales areas.

It allows you to evenly distribute your activity and your teams on your sales territory, optimizing your sales strategies for better performance.

This tool helps you set actionable sales goals, keep your customer portfolio balanced, and drive team productivity.

Nomadia Territory Manager uses sophisticated algorithms to optimize your sales areas.

It takes into account various factors such as location, geography, sales potential and customer distribution.

The tool is able to identify imbalances in your existing sectors and provide adjustment recommendations to achieve maximum efficiency.

Nomadia Territory Manager is versatile and flexible, offering advantages in various industries.

It is suitable for companies looking to improve the management of sales areas, achieve a balance in the distribution of customers and set realistic sales targets.

Whether your business is small or large, Nomadia Territory Manager can optimize the management of your sales areas.

Our customers see immediate benefits after implementing Nomadia Territory Manager. With more balanced sales areas, your teams are more efficient, improving your business performance.

The time frame to implement our solution may vary depending on the complexity of your business.

Yes, Nomadia Territory Manager offers tools for in-depth data analysis, including the creation of dynamic maps and graphs to illustrate key indicators.

The software also integrates collaborative features, allowing you to archive your simulations and share your sales data with your team, thus promoting informed decision-making.

Yes, Nomadia Territory Manager offers different versions, including an API option for seamless integration with your current business applications.

You have the ability to import and export data, and collaborate by sharing scenarios with your team, making this tool both user-friendly and adaptable.

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