Ensure the protection of your lone workers

In many areas, field workers operate alone.
If they are at risk, there is no one to help them.
How to ensure the protection of these isolated workers?

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Equip lone workers with an Isolated Worker Alert Device to generate alerts automatically or voluntarily.
These alerts contain information essential to the intervention of the emergency services.

Positive security

In case of a zone not covered by the network, the device remains active and protects the lone worker. An alert is automatically generated if the time limit for intervention in the white zone is exceeded.


When satellite and GPS data are not available, an indoor geolocation system is set up to precisely check the location of a lone worker, in order to get help to them help quickly.

Our expertise at your service

Improving the safety of lone workers

  • Reduction of the risk of work-related accidents
  • Rapid response to incidents
  • Sending automatic alerts in case of problems
  • Detection of falls and prolonged immobility

CSR commitments

  • Company’s commitment to worker safety and well-being
  • Improved service to customers and business partners

Safety and quality of life at work

  • Increased user safety
  • Sensitive accident detectors, for rapid intervention
  • Customized solution for all types of lone worker profiles

What our customers have to say about Nomadia solutions

Business solutions to support you

White paper, the guide to the protection of lone workers

  • The different types of lone workers
  • Hazards faced by lone workers
  • Consequences for the company in case of a lone worker accident

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