Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza, leader in pizza home delivery in the world, uses our solutions in France to optimize management and organize the routes for supplying its 70 sales outlets in Paris area.

Domino’s Pizza : challenges and the solution brought by Nomadia

About Domino’s Pizza

Established in France for more than 25 years, Domino’s Pizza operates a network of franchised pizza delivery and takeaway sales outlets. The brand is the only network in the French market to use fresh dough for its pizzas that is guaranteed never to have been frozen and offers pizzas topped and made to order, currently positioning itself as the leader in the delivered and takeaway pizza market.

Domino’s Pizza has two production and logistics centers in France where it produces the fresh pizza dough and provides the logistics for other food products (salads and desserts) and merchandising (caps, t-shirts). These products are ordered by the network’s various sales outlets via a buying hub and are then transported to the outlets two or three times a week. Each vehicle is responsible for one supply route. On average it transports 3 to 4 rolls (trolleys) of fresh and dry ingredients and between 6 and 8 stacks of pizza dough platters, which requires controlled temperature delivery in order to maintain the cold chain throughout the route.

Key figures

  • Created in 1960;
  • 1989: entry into the French market;
  • more than 10,000 stores worldwide;
  • 306 stores in France;
  • 2 production and logistics centers in France with 150 employees.

The challenge

To sustain its strong growth and the goal of achieving 500 sales outlets within 2 years and 1,000 within 5 years, Domino’s Pizza wanted to optimize its supply route organization in order to respond efficiently to the challenges associated with the increased volume of order.

Domino’s was looking for a solution that helps in route optimization by allowing the definition of logical route itineraries and reducing the travel time of each transport movement to its 70 outlets in the Paris region. Characteristics of the ordered products, the volume they occupy and the location of the sales outlets to be supplied were necessary items that had to be included in the tool.

The solution brought by Nomadia

After various researches and feedback from other users, Domino’s Pizza decided to turn to Opti-Time Inc and quickly opted to implement TourSolver route optimization. This tool enables the daily management for the Supply route of its outlets in Paris region for better optimization.
TourSolver provides Domino’s Pizza with the most profitable and logical organization routing software, taking traffic constraints and each sales outlet’s timetabling requirements into account (day or night-time delivery, opening hours, accessibility). The delivery staff responsible for the supply routes can thus reduce the time spent on the road, have better control over the regularity of delivery hours and increase the number of deliveries completed per day.

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Journey time productivity gains around 25%


15% reduce in transportation cost


100% reliable supply routes

Vehicle filling rate

Optimized vehicle filling rate

“Initially, the operations managers of the production and logistics centres had to manually schedule the order preparations and consolidate them on the shipping docks to fill the trucks. Now they can rely on a real decision-making tool that allows them to automate the optimization of tours, with the key to efficiencies and working comfort. The implementation of GEOCONCEPT’s Tour Optimization solution is a global success, whether from an economic, technical or human point of view. Today, we have a perfectly optimized route plan management system for the Paris region.”
Thomas Fredon, Logistics Director

Optimal reliability of route organization for greater productivity and lower transport costs
By installing TourSolver, the drivers responsible for the supply routes now have 100% reliable and logical rounds with no redundant mileage added, optimal vehicle load factors based on the orders and better overall visibility.
Domino’s reward: journey time productivity gains of around 25%. In addition to improving delivery staff efficiency, TourSolver enables fully capable configuration of operational costs (overall journey, by route…). Domino’s Pizza has indeed significantly reduced transport costs compared with the previous financial year, of around 15%.

Encouraged by this success, Domino’s Pizza is planning to extend the use of the TourSolver solution by applying it to the supply routes for outlets located in the Rhône-Alpes region from the Lyon production and logistics center.