Colicoli uses the DMS Nomadia Delivery platform to optimise the deliveries of their 200 deliverers and guarantee an ultra-precise traceability of the packages.

ColiColi: Last-Mile Delivery Optimization Supported by Nomadia Delivery

A key player in last-mile delivery seeking an optimization solution to support its rapid growth

Founded over 3 years ago, ColiColi has quickly emerged as a major player in the last-mile delivery sector. Specializing in the logistical management of e-commerce businesses, ColiColi handles nearly 20,000 parcels every day in partnership with around thirty subcontractors responsible for the deliveries. These deliveries, involving over 200 routes per day, cover both mailbox deliveries (80%) and hand-deliveries (20%) to end recipients.

The company is based in France, with its headquarters in Gonesse. Its customer service is located in Morocco. In France, ColiColi has 40 employees responsible for monitoring subcontractors, while in Morocco, a team of 40 collaborators handles customer service over the phone, in addition to a small team dedicated to operations.

Facing rapid exponential growth in its business, transitioning from 2000 to a daily delivery volume that can reach 25,000, ColiColi expressed the need for a flexible solution capable of adapting to its constant evolution. This solution needed to provide more than just a simple application; it had to offer genuine adaptability to precisely plan and schedule routes, taking into account a multitude of constraints (advanced optimization algorithms). After an in-depth market study, ColiColi turned to Nomadia and its DMS solution, Nomadia Delivery.

It was essential that the solution could adapt to the extremely precise specifications defined in advance by ColiColi, identifying and cataloging all types of considered deliveries, as well as associated details (reasons for non-delivery, alternative solutions…).

“Nomadia Delivery’s flexibility was a major competitive factor in choosing Nomadia. The solution fully meets our needs, with a responsive team in control.”

Mounir Ghammad, Co-founder of ColiColi

Nomadia Delivery: A Solution Ensuring Optimized Deliveries and Complete Traceability

In response to the growing demand from consumers for efficient delivery, Nomadia Delivery offers a comprehensive supply chain optimization solution that provides complete delivery traceability. While most existing solutions track parcels from their loading onto the truck, traceability begins at the warehouse with Nomadia Delivery.

The solution enables the precise construction of routes that combine various types of transportation. By optimizing both vehicle movements and the routes taken on foot by delivery personnel, Nomadia Delivery is the only DMS platform to reduce the number of stops for delivery vehicles and maximize on-foot delivery of parcels within a limited radius while adhering to defined load thresholds. Coupled with real-time customer communications, the solution ensures better service quality and an enhanced experience for end customers.

“Since we deliver more than 5 million parcels per year, we need to rely on a comprehensive solution that allows us to visualize all our operations in real-time. We are delighted to count on Nomadia Delivery to optimize the missions of our 200 drivers and ensure ultra-precise traceability for both our internal teams and parcel recipients.”

Saâd Ghammad, CEO of ColiColi

In the field, Nomadia Delivery is used by delivery personnel to optimize their routes. At the operational level, subcontractors and agencies can track delivery personnel and associated operations in real-time. Coordinators, responsible for supervising operations, also leverage the solution’s data for ensuring the smooth execution of routes through the extraction of in-depth analyses.

Two Years of Successful Collaboration

It has now been two years since ColiColi has relied on Nomadia Delivery, and the solution has undergone significant developments to best address the challenges of the company’s growth. Among the notable improvements, the integration of product codes and the acceleration of data synchronization stand out.

Nomadia Delivery has played a crucial role in ColiColi’s rapid growth, providing a comprehensive optimization solution that allows for the efficient visualization and planning of delivery routes. The speed of optimization and synchronization is highlighted as a major advantage of the solution, leading to high satisfaction among the delivery personnel themselves.

Satisfaction surveys are conducted among these personnel, and whenever a solution update takes place, a test is carried out by a pilot agency.