The STERNE Group and Nomadia join forces for B2B delivery optimization

The STERNE Group, a European leader in low-carbon premium logistics, and Nomadia, one of the European leaders in SaaS solutions for mobile professionals, today announced a strategic alliance aimed at operational efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of professional deliveries, whether regular, urgent, or on-demand.

Whether it’s transporting documents, medical equipment, spare parts for maintenance, or temperature-controlled transport, professionals require optimization tools to provide the speed and agility sought by their clients, meeting expectations in terms of productivity and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

By incorporating Nomadia Delivery optimization technology, STERNE has significantly enhanced its role as a network planner and strengthened its expertise in last-mile delivery planning.

Fabien Bréget, CEO of Nomadia and Laurent Gontharet, General Manager of STERNE

« We are proud to leverage our optimization technology through our AI engine for the expertise of the STERNE Group. This collaboration is a unique opportunity to improve last-mile delivery operations at all levels: time savings in planning, optimization of delivery plans to reduce mileage and CO2 emissions while improving customer service quality, in any business context », says Fabien Bréget, CEO of Nomadia.

« The integration of Nomadia solutions into our logistics procedures has allowed us to further strengthen our core competence, namely the analysis and optimization of our network, while gaining productivity. Precision and speed in route planning—taking into account numerous operational constraints such as compliance with HR and regulatory constraints or the availability slots of our clients—forecasting and balancing of miles traveled, display of routes on a map, and decision support through AI with visualization of the impact of manual adjustments are all assets that have significantly evolved our way of working and provided an even more qualitative service to our clients », adds Hélène Périchaud, National Network Coordinator of the STERNE Group.

Last-Mile Logistics Optimization Combined with Carbon Emission Reduction

In professions that involve road travel, the use of Nomadia’s route optimization solutions leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and improves the carbon footprint of end clients.

The initial application of the alliance between Nomadia and STERNE is the optimization of last-mile delivery routes. Leveraging Nomadia Delivery solution allows the STERNE Group to dynamically manage routes and fully optimize its delivery routes. The number of required routes is thus reduced, resulting in a decrease in miles traveled and CO2 emissions.

This partnership reflects Nomadia and the STERNE Group’s ongoing commitment to innovation and the provision of cutting-edge logistics and operational solutions in support of decarbonization.

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