Nomadia unveils TourSolver Fall 2022

The latest version of Nomadia’s route optimisation solution comes with new features that aim to simplify the user experience, save time spent on preparing routes, and make it easier for companies to publish their carbon footprint.

Paris, 15/11/2022 – Nomadia, the leading French publisher of smart mobility SaaS solutions for field professionals, announces the launch of the Fall’22 version of TourSolver, its delivery route optimization solution.

TourSolver meets the needs of logistics professionals as regards the design and implementation of optimal route plans, whether for deliveries or pick-ups.

Based on the cloud, TourSolver features powerful optimization algorithms delivering large productivity gains and a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 20-30%. With its intuitive interface and inclusion of each business’s specific characteristics, the solution boosts the operational performance of all field teams. The real time monitoring features enable route quality to be verified and to manage any hiccups that may arise, while maintaining optimal organization.

To support its customers in their digital and environmental transitions, Nomadia, a company on an environmental mission, is constantly developing its solutions by putting green mobility at the heart of its technological innovations. With the unveiling of its latest version of TourSolver, Nomadia’s intention is to improve the user experience while striking a balance between improved productivity and environmental responsibility. The new features of TourSolver Fall 2022 include:

Easier publication of the carbon footprint

To help users measure their environmental impact, TourSolver makes light work of exporting the data they need to publish their carbon footprint: vehicle type, fuel type and total mileage. The partnership with Sami, the climate platform which provides the ability to measure and reduce one’s carbon footprint, gives TourSolver users an advantage in publishing their carbon footprint.

Direct link with Salesforce

Users can now link TourSolver directly with their Salesforce account, making it easy to select the visits to be made and optimized. In addition to the considerable time saving achieved, this reduced number of steps makes the process more reliable by limiting manual data import/export.

The reservation of delivery slots from an external site

It is possible to integrate a slot reservation module from a website that is directly connected to the TourSolver application. This feature, especially useful for eCommerce websites, enables end customers to select the delivery day and timeslot of their choosing. In this new version, it is easier for the administrator to configure and fine-tune the module’s parameters, with the bonus of customer relationship benefits, while optimizing the teams’ routes.

Simpler and better customer communication

A new unified menu makes it easier to configure and plan the sending of emails and SMS. It is also possible to export the list of emails and SMS that have been sent to have visibility of end customer communication. Moreover, users can now automatically generate a personalized document, in PDF format, for customers. Summarizing the visit (e.g. : delivery note).

Optimized simulations with the addition of new visits

From the Optimization page, planners can now easily add new visits from a new data source to an existing simulation. This page also enables the planner to view the resource schedule before assigning them to routes (times, availability…).

Centralized configuration thanks to a new “Configuration” tab

The new “Configuration” tab available in this TourSolver version provides streamlined navigation for configuration operations. Within one and the same menu, the user can clearly see and have direct access to all configurable features.

A modular-capable interface for better interpretation of results

This new interface enables users to display and highlight the elements of their choosing. Users can therefore define the size and location of each information block as they see fit (map, schedule, list of visits, table, visits to be rescheduled, detail…).

There will be demonstrations of TourSolver Fall’22 throughout the Supply Chain fair on 15 and 16 November 2022.