Nomadia, 119th French software publisher in the EY ranking

Nomadia gains 4 positions and reaches the 119th position in the 2023 TOP 250 ranking of French publishers conducted by the EY firm and the professional union Numeum.

This recognition marks the culmination of a prosperous year for Nomadia, characterized by intensive development and bold initiatives. The study highlights the group’s strategic acquisitions, such as the acquisition of Neosafe in July 2022, a leader in the field of Lone Worker Protection, and the recent acquisition in September 2023 of Synchroteam, a leader in the Field Service Management (not included in the 2022 ranking). This operation reflects Nomadia’s determination to expand its offering, providing its clients with an increasingly comprehensive and efficient range of solutions.

In the ranking, Nomadia proudly positions itself as the 119th French publisher across all categories. This position reflects not only the technical competence of the company but also its agility in facing the challenges of the technology sector.

Nomadia embodies the fundamental values of the IT industry, showcasing its dynamism and resilience in the face of sector challenges. The company expresses ambitions for sustained growth supported by its expertise, talents, and its new shareholder HG, a leader, thus demonstrating its ability to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Furthermore, Nomadia emphasizes its strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), adopting environmentally friendly practices. This commitment is translated into a sustainable approach in its activities, reinforcing its position as a responsible player within the technology industry.

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