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Facility management: definition, challenges, and solutions

There are various solutions to enable a company to optimize its resources and profitability. Facility Management is one of them. This management technique allows any company to efficiently manage its services and facilities. We explain all of this in this article.

What is Facility Management?

Facility Management: Definition

Facility Management, often abbreviated as FM, encompasses all services and activities related to the efficient management of businesses, both operationally and strategically. It covers a wide range of activities, including not only infrastructure but also occupants. This includes aspects such as:

  • Building maintenance
  • Supervision of technical facilities and fluid systems
  • Space cleaning
  • Security management
  • Mail processing
  • Reception services, among others.


  • Resource Optimization

Facility Management allows for the optimization of available resources within a company. A well-managed work environment directly contributes to overall productivity increase. Whether it’s regarding facilities, personnel, or equipment, operational efficiency is at the core of concerns.

  • Reduction of Operational Costs

Profitability is at the heart of any business. One of the main advantages of Facility Management is its ability to identify and mitigate unnecessary operational costs. By closely analyzing internal processes, this approach optimizes expenses related to facilities, energy, and related services.

  • Enhancement of Employee Experience

Ergonomic workspaces and quality services contribute to employee satisfaction, thus promoting talent retention. By creating a comfortable and functional work environment, facility management improves the employee experience.

  • Regulatory and Normative Compliance

No company wants to face legal risks. It’s a loss of money and time. By closely monitoring changes in legislation and industry standards, FM ensures that facilities and procedures comply with all current requirements.

Difference between Property Management and Facility Management?

Property Management is often confused with Facility Management. However, it mainly focuses on the financial and operational management of real estate assets. It includes rent supervision, contract management, and ensures administrative and financial aspects of the property are in order.

In concrete terms, if Property Management is the financial architect of your real estate portfolio, Facility Management is the engineer, ensuring the proper functioning and sustainability of your spaces.

facility management definition

Facility Management Services

Facility management is present in many areas of a company. We have listed them for you:

  • Technical and Civil Engineering Works

Here, FM encompasses building management and maintenance, including outdoor installations and preventive maintenance.

  • Energy Management and Sustainability

In this service, it ensures the management of technical facilities and fluids, as well as electrical installations and the regulation of energy expenses (air conditioning, ventilation, heating, or HVAC).

  • Health and Safety

Facility management ensures the safety of all employees. This includes infrastructure safety, fire prevention (installation of fire extinguishers, documentation), signage (evacuation, etc.), alarm systems, intercoms, and surveillance cameras.

  • Quality of the Work Environment

A quality work environment is essential for a high-performing team. This involves maintaining green spaces, floor maintenance, pest control, cleaning of premises and common areas, catering, and waste management.

  • External Relations of the Company

The external perception of the company is crucial for its reputation. A negative external image discourages people from working or buying from the company. FM works on reception, visitor management, telephone services, mail handling, concierge services, and security.

Modernizing Facility Management Solutions

There are tools available to assist in the implementation and management of facility management. Here they are:

  • Intervention and Tour Management

These applications help supervise field teams and manage all interventions in real time.

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  • Optimization of Field Service Management Activities

Some systems focus not on a specific area of field service management but on streamlining operational exchanges and improving the performance of field teams, regardless of their specialty.

  • CMMS for Site Maintenance

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) aims to optimize maintenance services by integrating equipment management, corrective or preventive maintenance, intervention requests, and more.

Facility Management Challenges

  • Improving User Experience

Promoting the well-being of occupants and enhancing their productivity is a major challenge of Facility Management. By integrating ergonomic and technological solutions, this approach seeks to create work environments conducive to an optimal user experience.

  • Sustainable and Responsible Management

The integration of environmentally friendly technologies and processes allows companies to meet the growing demands for social and environmental responsibility.

  • Security and Compliance

Ensuring the safety of facilities and compliance with regulatory standards is a significant challenge of Facility Management. Proactive risk management and constant monitoring are essential to ensure occupant safety and compliance with current regulations.

  • Cost Savings

Optimizing costs without sacrificing service quality is a constant challenge. Customized solutions aim to reduce operational costs while preserving high-performance levels, contributing to efficient financial management.


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