The risk management specialist is using Nomadia’s Nomadia Field Service solution to optimise the management of 800 field experts’ call schedules.

Polyexpert : challenges and the solution brought by Nomadia

About Polyexpert

Founded in 1997, Polyexpert is an independent group that came into being with the merger of regional assessment practices. Its mission is to support insurance companies, brokers, and companies in their overall risk management. With its multi-specialist approach, Polyexpert provides its clients with comprehensive and personalized support thanks to its audit services (technical building diagnosis, thermal and acoustic diagnosis…), post damage claim and assistance services.

Key figures

  • Established in 1997;
  • National management center built in 2015;
  • 3 specialties: audit, expert assessment, assistance;
  • 1,850 employees;
  • 800 experts;
  • 90 agencies in France and in Portugal.

The challenge

Multi-criteria planning of field assessment appointments

With more than 1,850 employees, including 800 experts working directly with victims to provide advice and assistance, Polyexpert puts operational performance and customer service quality front and center of its strategy. The company must be able to provide its clients with high availability and responsiveness for victims nationwide and organize on-site assessments at the earliest possible opportunity. The calls span numerous areas and each type of claim (water damage, fire, theft, etc.) has its own pool of experts with specific skill sets, complicating call planning.

Previously, each regional management center (RMC) managed the call schedules of experts in its sector manually. But with the prospect of centralized appointment planning via a national management center (NMC) in 2015, implementation of a call schedule solution became a must. The objective was to be able to take account of numerous appointment constraints efficiently and simultaneously at national level: the geographical position of the call-out location, type of mission, the required skill set or call timeslot of the insured party, and the degree of criticality of the call.

The solution brought by Nomadia

Polyexpert turned to a market leader to implement its mission, thus opting to adopt Nomadia’s Nomadia Field Service solution.

From making appointments to optimizing travel in the field, Nomadia Field Service is a comprehensive planning solution enabling Polyexpert to offer targeted and relevant callouts. This powerful geographical optimization engine looks for and identifies the best appointment: the least expensive, the fastest and the most appropriate to the company’s and victims’ constraints (such as the operatives’ and victims’ location, the experts’ knowledge of the type of incident, and their availability to travel).
The solution integrates directly with the Polyexpert IS in the form of hosted geographical web services (API), fast-tracking performance while simplifying business processes.


Optimized intervention scheduling


Travelled distance controlling


Improved work conditions

“We were attracted by the solution’s ability to integrate with our IS and its ability to take account of all our requirements. Opti-Time also became a real asset in offering our clients new services. We keep an eye on the Nomadia Field Service product plan to identify the developments that will enable us to improve the diary fill rate and to reduce mileage. We are also in the process of contemplating possible changes in the way we use the tool, for example enabling experts to re-schedule certain appointments themselves in real time from the field.”
Frédéric Duflos, Director of Information Systems

Shrinking the environmental footprint
Nomadia Field Service affords Polyexpert numerous advantages. By optimizing call planning, the solution enables the company to control the distance travelled. The experts’ working conditions are also improved, by ensuring the necessary time to complete the expert assessment appointments. The tool factors into its calculations the travel time between the home location, the callouts and all the diary appointments and constraints.

By working with the major French insurance groups, Polyexpert is required to satisfy numerous operational constraints. Thanks to Nomadia Field Service, Polyexpert offers appointment durations that meet the insurers’ needs, while also taking account of numerous operational requirements.