Nomadia unveils Nomadia Sales, its 100% dedicated retail CRM to enhance the performance of sales teams.

Paris, October 12, 2023 – Nomadia, a European leader in SaaS solutions for mobile professionals, introduces Nomadia Sales, a 100% dedicated CRM platform for the Retail sector. It is designed to help all Retail industry players, including Large and Medium Retailers (GMS) and specialized businesses such as cafes, hotels, and restaurants (CHR), optimize their commercial performance and enhance field productivity while reducing their carbon footprint.

Retail sales professionals are faced with numerous challenges. Intensified competition compels companies to stand out and efficiently meet the ever-evolving preferences and needs of their customers.

“Sales representatives use their CRM every day for managing their customer portfolios. It’s an indispensable tool for them, a trusted assistant. Our mission is to provide them with a solution that is both customizable, comprehensive, scalable, and secure. Thanks to Nomadia Sales, planning and optimizing customer visits, maintaining clear visibility on stock levels and resource quotas, controlling carbon footprint, adjusting sales strategies in real-time, and collecting instantly usable data in the field have never been easier,” explains Patrick Tellouck, Managing Director of the Field Sales Division at Nomadia.

A 360° CRM for Field Sales Teams

Nomadia Sales is an all-in-one CRM that accelerates the commercial performance of sales teams by offering a comprehensive customer view and features tailored to their profession. It includes visit planning and optimization, customer scoring, perfect store management, shelf audits, report entry, scheduling recurring appointments, order entry, consideration of field constraints (timings, access), and monitoring operation profitability.

With a 360° customer view, Nomadia Sales allows all field sales professionals to effectively manage their tasks (customer visits, negotiations, etc.), gain clear and concise insights into the actions required, and enhance daily efficiency. Given the critical importance of inventory management in the sector, the solution offers advanced insights into product-related movements (upcoming assortment additions or removals, products available in higher tiers, etc.), promoting more productive interactions between sales representatives and store managers regarding strategy. Nomadia Sales also offers enriched, transparent, and effective quota management, aligned with each store’s objectives. Integrated into the solution, this management enables field sales professionals to propose the maximum allocation of resources to the visited store. Furthermore, they receive instant notifications once predefined thresholds are reached, ensuring precise resource management.

Additionally, the field sales team can visualize and analyze commercial performance by sector, catchment area, or store thanks to the CRM’s integrated geomarketing feature.

Optimized Visits and In-Depth Customer Knowledge

In response to increasingly demanding customers in terms of service quality, Nomadia Sales provides a highly detailed solution for profiling each customer. In-depth analysis of customer data allows for a better understanding of needs and behaviors, enabling adjustments to sales strategies. This data is continuously updated, ensuring continuous improvement of data quality and seamless transition from one team member to another.

The integrated tour optimization engine maximizes time spent with customers through advance visit planning and reduces travel distances by suggesting optimized routes considering numerous factors like visit frequency and store availability times. In the field, data collection is facilitated through shelf audits or report entry. Time-saving is also achieved through automated sales processes. Direct access to up-to-date product data streamlines and ensures the accuracy of order entry. Another time-saving and reliability feature is metadata for photos. Images taken by field sales professionals in the field are automatically recorded in the CRM, with all relevant information, such as date, device used, and location.

Advanced Features for CSR and Carbon Emission Reduction

Beyond productivity, Nomadia Sales also supports impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, including:

Native integration of carbon footprint calculation to visualize emissions related to sales representatives’ travels. The application includes a carbon emission report to facilitate comprehensive assessments.

Automatic notifications related to compliance with current legislation and internal rules regarding working hours (sufficient rest times, etc.). As soon as a sales representative violates any rules while planning their day, they are promptly notified.

A Solution Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

The absence of a network is no longer a hindrance. Nomadia Sales continuously accesses customer information and all necessary data, even in areas without network coverage, ensuring continuous management of customer information and visits. Furthermore, mobile access allows real-time management, ensuring maximum responsiveness and adaptability.

Nomadia Sales has already been adopted by numerous players in the retail industry, including Campari, Carambar, General Mills, Findus, Innocent, Lesieur, Pepsico, The Beers Family, and more.