Nomadia and HERE Technologies join forces to create a new generation of enhanced mobile workers

With the incorporation of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence into their work environment, mobile professionals – salespeople, delivery personnel or technicians – will be able to enjoy a smarter, more secure, and more sustainable mobility experience.

Paris, 14 June 2022 – Nomadia, a leader in smart mobility technologies for mobile professionals, is today announcing the signing of a strategic 5-year partnership with HERE Technologies, a global data and location services platform. Under the terms of the agreement, HERE will provide data, its location APIs and SDKs (real-time traffic info, multimodal guidance, search function for points of interest), to enable Nomadia to populate its movement optimization algorithms and provide them via mobile applications.

Since the pandemic began, mobile professionals have faced numerous everyday challenges in carrying out their tasks in the field: disrupted schedules because of health restrictions, supply chain pressures and lack of visibility, more expensive fuel, inability to anticipate traffic conditions and complexity managing the last mile.

To complete their tasks in the best possible conditions and to ensure the best possible end customer experience, more than ever before mobile professionals need to become enhanced mobile workers, enjoying all the intelligence technology provides, especially when accessing contextualized information in the field and accurately predicting an estimated time of arrival or the number of operatives needed for a specific task.

A new generation of enhanced mobile professionals

Location has always been an essential component in optimizing field calls. Now, boosted by artificial intelligence capabilities, the geographical dimension is enhanced by analyses making for more accurate territorial management and by advanced features such as predictive traffic for more reliable ETAs.

“Nomadia has developed the intelligence capability making it possible to optimize mobile workers’ rounds taking account of numerous business and HR constraints. HERE has developed the intelligence capability making it possible to optimize routes. The combination of these technologies is benefiting enhanced mobile workers who can now perform their tasks from A to Z far more calmly, from upstream territorial segmentation, to planning, to execution in the field”, explains Patrick Jean, the HERE Technologies partnerships manager.

The technological alliance between the two partners enables Nomadia’s customers to access solutions affording numerous benefits for all interested parties be it visits, technical service calls, deliveries, and pick-ups: greater reliability and performance for planners, a calmer environment, greater convenience and productivity for field operatives and, ultimately, a better customer experience.

Climate and pandemic are shaping tomorrow’s mobility: green fleets and road safety on the agenda

With the ambition of achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, French regulations for more environmentally friendly ability are changing, encouraging companies to declare their greenhouse gas emissions. This is an obligation that organizations across all sectors will soon be able to discharge thanks to CO2 emissions tracking solutions tailored to professional fleets and developed using location technologies. Since this year, the LOM Act (Framework Act on Mobility) also compels all companies to include a certain number of low emissions vehicles in fleet (10 % of fleet renewals in 2022, 20% in 2024). Having real-time information available on electric vehicle charging stations and tools for optimizing green fleet routes is therefore more essential than ever.

Involved in the effective implementation of corporate CSR policies, the two partners are also thinking about a multimodal guidance application capable not only of optimizing travel time but also influencing driver behavior and making them more vigilant, thus ensuring greater safety when driving.

“Two years after the pandemic began, new working practices are continuing to increase demands on companies in terms of their co-workers’ safety and work experience. Combined with HERE’s unique location data, our solutions are reducing the impact of travel movements for our customers at every level, be it the economic, environmental, or social impact”, explains Jérémy Mandon, Nomadia’s Sales Director. “Smart mobility is becoming more meaningful with each passing day”.  

For more than 23 years, HERE Technologies has been a partner of GEOCONCEPT, which joined the Nomadia group in September 2021. Under this new agreement, HERE will deploy its mobility intelligence within the entire group’s solutions portfolio.

About Nomadia

Nomadia is the leading French publisher of smart mobility SaaS solutions for field professionals: field salespeople, technicians, and drivers-delivery personnel.

Created in 2021, Nomadia is an alliance of three French players with complementary expertise and leaders in their market segments for almost 30 years: GEOCONCEPT (route and scheduling optimization, Field Service Management, GIS and geo-marketing), Danem (mobile applications for salespeople, drivers-delivery personnel and technicians) and B&B Market (CRM SFA, consulting & data for FMCG and retail). With 165,000 users and 1500 clients, Nomadia now boasts international coverage in 27 countries.

With one third of its headcount in R&D, its technological innovation, which includes artificial intelligence and the IoT, has enabled it to make it into the Truffle 100 rankings, the top 100 French publishers in the Syntec Numérique and Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Field Service Management (FSM).

The company is based in France (its head office is in Paris) and has offices in the United States, China, India, Italy and Switzerland.

About HERE Technologies 

HERE, a data and location services platform, enables consumers, companies, and municipalities to exploit the power of location to the full. By providing its customers with a more accurate understanding of the world, its solutions enable users to achieve better results – be it helping a town manager’s infrastructure or a company to optimize its assets, or safely guiding drivers to their destination.

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