Franck Cohen appointed Chairman of Nomadia

Paris, France. 27th February 2024.  Nomadia, a leading European SaaS provider of smart mobility solutions, announced today the appointment of Franck Cohen as Chairman of its Board of Directors.

“As Chairman of Nomadia’s Board of Directors, Franck Cohen will work closely with the teams to support and enrich an ambitious growth strategy. His experience in developing strategic partnerships and his in-depth understanding of market needs will help to strengthen Nomadia’s position as a key player in intelligent mobility.”

Fabien Bréget, CEO of Nomadia

Nomadia now benefits from Franck Cohen’s proven experience in the software industry, as well as his extensive expertise in strategic leadership. Accustomed to holding senior management positions within a number of renowned organisations – he was President of the EMEA region and Global Sales Director at SAP for 10 years – Franck Cohen has continually strengthened the international dimension of his career. This is a major asset for Nomadia, which is currently expanding rapidly.

As Chairman of the Boards of Directors of tech companies such as GoCardless (payment) and CYE (cybersecurity), and a key player in their remarkable growth, Franck Cohen has all the cards in hand to support Nomadia’s development.

Enthusiastic about joining Nomadia at a time when the company is accelerating its growth across Europe, Franck Cohen said:

“Nomadia has undeniable potential to rapidly become the European champion of Field Service Management and smart mobility solutions. I look forward to working with the Nomadia team to realise this vision.”

Franck Cohen, Chairman of Nomadia

Strengthening, acquiring and innovating: a winning strategy for Nomadia

For Franck Cohen, the path to critical mass will first involve consolidating the positive synergies from previous acquisitions (Neosafe in 2022, Synchroteam in 2023 and Nomadvantage last January).

In order to rapidly become the market leader, Franck Cohen is also encouraging Nomadia to continue its expansion drive by making new strategic acquisitions that will strengthen its international positioning.

Nomadia’s development will also depend on consolidating its R&D efforts.

“To occupy a leading position internationally, it is essential to be at the forefront of innovation, by grasping new customer needs, developing solutions and using the latest technologies, particularly AI, to strengthen them.”

Franck Cohen, Chairman of Nomadia

A responsible and sustainable vision

As a company with a mission, Nomadia’s raison d’être is to support its customers in a strong and convincing CSR approach. Environmental and social issues are central to Nomadia’s vision and actions.

Route optimisation is a key activity for the company, helping to reduce carbon emissions by cutting the number of kilometres travelled by mobile professionals. Franck Cohen recognises Nomadia’s advanced position in this area, and praises its efforts to raise awareness among its customers of the importance of communicating about their sustainable initiatives. The improvement in working conditions and the protective features for field teams provided by the solutions developed by Nomadia represent another asset highlighted by Franck Cohen as a major CSR advance.

Having himself helped a major group listed on Germany’s DAX (SAP) to achieve a negative carbon footprint, Franck Cohen is convinced that all of Nomadia’s initiatives will enable it to achieve a similar objective in the near future.

With this appointment, Nomadia continues to move at high speed along the path of growth and innovation. Franck Cohen’s vast experience and strategic vision will be major assets in consolidating Nomadia’s position as a leading player in intelligent mobility.