Lone worker protection

Protection of Isolated Workers: Man Down Devices

When it comes to worker safety, employers are consistently seeking ways to improve conditions and ensure the well-being of their teams. In this regard, the ‘Man Down’ system (Protection of Lone Workers) becomes a major concern.

Man Down system: What are we talking about?


The Protection of Lone Worker(PLW) devices are safety tools crafted to guarantee the security of workers operating in solitary or isolated conditions. The nature of their tasks or work environment exposes them to risks. The primary goal of this device is to ensure an immediate response in case of an accident, illness, or hazardous situation.

The “Man Down” Protection of Lone Worker  is specifically designed to detect a fall. If the employee doesn’t respond, an alert is triggered, promptly informing a rescue team to intervene.

Who are the professionals affected by this device?

The “Man Down” PLW caters to various professionals and businesses, especially those in:

  • Construction: Workers such as builders, masons, and artisans who often operate alone at construction sites.
  • Field Technicians: Maintenance technicians for equipment, security systems, or networks, who may find themselves in challenging situations.
  • Maintenance Agents: Those responsible for critical infrastructure maintenance, like electrical systems or heating systems, might work in isolated conditions.
  • Assistance Sector Professionals: Nurses, caregivers, or home support staff who visit patients alone.
  • Field Agents: Engineers, surveyors, and environmental researchers who often work in remote areas where rapid emergency response is necessary.

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Why should isolated workers be equipped with a “Man Down” device?

  • Ensuring the safety of isolated workers

The primary objective of a “Man Down” PLW is to ensure the safety of workers operating alone. It’s crucial for employees working in isolated environments, be it on construction sites, during travel, or in remote areas, to receive quick assistance in case of a fall or health issue.

  • Quick response in case of an incident

The ability to promptly respond to incidents is a key element of safety for isolated workers. PLW systems enable workers to trigger real-time alerts by pressing an emergency button, facilitating immediate intervention in emergencies, reducing health and safety risks.

  • Preventing health risks

Another key objective of the “Man Down” PLW is to prevent health hazards for isolated workers. These solutions incorporate safety sensors, geolocation systems, and monitoring features to ensure workers’ ongoing health and safety.

  • Fostering peace of mind

Having peace of mind is invaluable for employees. With a reliable PLW system in place, employees can concentrate on their work with confidence.

  • Compliance with current regulations and standards

Ultimately, implementing a PLW aims to comply with current workplace safety regulations and standards.

It’s clear that choosing the right PLW device is vital for your employees’ safety. At Nomadia, we understand this and offer an effective, reassuring solution for your employees!

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Different system types

Geolocation devices

Geolocation devices are advanced tools for tracking isolated workers. They not only detect an employee’s exact position but also track their movements in real-time. These systems are particularly useful for workers who frequently move or work in diverse geographical areas, ensuring swift emergency responses.

Personal alarm systems

Portable personal alarm systems are devices that isolated workers can carry at all times. In case of danger, employees can trigger an emergency alarm, instantly alerting rescue or security teams. These devices are lightweight, discreet, and easy to use, making them a popular option for many workers.

Dedicated mobile applications

Dedicated mobile applications for isolated worker safety are becoming more prevalent. They transform smartphones into PLW devices using features such as geolocation, emergency calls, and real-time notifications. These applications offer an economical solution since most workers already own a smartphone.

PLW applications offer numerous advantages to ensure the safety of your isolated workers. Nomadia understands this well and offers one of the most comprehensive solutions!

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Activity detection-based systems

Activity detection-based systems monitor the movement and activity of isolated workers. If prolonged inactivity is detected, the system triggers an alarm to ensure the worker’s well-being. These systems are particularly useful in sectors where workers may be unconscious or unable to trigger an alarm themselves.

How to choose the right “Man Down” PLW device for my company?

  • Analyze your company’s specific needs

The initial step in selecting the right “Man Down” PLW device is to analyze your company’s specific needs. Each company has unique security requirements based on its industry, work processes, and environments. Understanding these needs is crucial in determining the most suitable PLW device.

  • Evaluate risks and work environments

Choosing the right “Man Down” PLW device involves assessing the risks faced by your workers and the environments they operate in.

  • Consider your company’s size

Company size plays a role in selecting the “Man Down” PLW device. Safety needs vary based on the company’s size, the number of employees, and operational complexity. It’s essential to choose a device that suits your company’s structure.

  • Think about connectivity and ease of use

Connectivity is a crucial consideration when selecting a “Man Down” PLW device. Ensure the device can integrate easily with your existing infrastructure in terms of communication and data management. Opt for user-friendly devices that don’t require complex training for effective use.

  • Ensure reliability and responsiveness

The device must operate reliably in all conditions to ensure worker safety. Responsiveness is crucial as every second counts in emergencies. Ensure the device can trigger an alert quickly and effectively.

  • Prioritize support and guidance

Choose a “Man Down” PLW device provider offering quality support and guidance. You should rely on a dedicated team to help set up the device, train your employees, and provide ongoing support.