Truck geolocation: Importance, solutions, and regulations

Nowadays, delivery services are racing against time. Their goal? To be the fastest. For this reason, geolocating delivery trucks is an indispensable option. Beyond the competitive advantages it offers, it also ensures the safety of couriers on the move. Explore the various solutions available in this article.

Truck geolocation: Why?

The use of truck geolocation in logistics offers several benefits.

Geolocation enables the determination of the most efficient routes, thus reducing travel distances, fuel costs, and CO2 emissions. It also helps avoid areas of heavy traffic and road restrictions.

With geolocation, companies can monitor the exact position of their trucks in real-time. This allows for better communication with customers regarding the status of their deliveries and quick reactions in case of delays or problems on the road.

Constant vehicle monitoring helps prevent theft and unauthorized use. In the event of an accident or emergency, it’s possible to quickly locate the involved truck for rapid intervention.

Geolocation aids in better resource utilization by avoiding unnecessary trips and efficiently planning delivery missions, which can lead to more effective fleet use.

Data collected through geolocation can be used to analyze delivery performance, identify trends, and make strategic decisions to improve overall efficiency.

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Solutions for truck geolocation

Various solutions are available for your truck geolocation needs. Choose the one that best suits you:

  • Fleet Management Software

These tools provide an overview of the fleet, integrating geolocation with fuel management, vehicle maintenance, and driver performance tracking.

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  • GPS Tracking Systems

They offer precise and real-time location of vehicles, allowing for better route planning and rapid response in case of incidents.

  • Mobile Apps for Drivers

They enable constant communication and real-time location sharing between drivers and the management center.

  • IoT Technologies and Onboard Sensors

These devices provide real-time data on the vehicle and cargo status. They contribute to better management of safety and operational efficiency.


Truck geolocation is regulated by certain privacy protection regulations and laws. Companies must comply with local and national privacy and monitoring laws.

Therefore, it’s illegal to geolocate company vehicles without having previously informed the employees. The data obtained through the GPS tracker is considered personal data. The CNIL and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are clear on this matter, stating that any collection or use of data requires the prior consent of the concerned person.

It’s preferable to adopt an educational approach by explaining to employees why the geolocation of their vehicles is important for both the company and themselves. This raises awareness among employees about the benefits, including improving the safety of their journeys, while respecting the fundamental principles of data protection.

Consulting a legal expert to ensure that the implementation of geolocation in a truck fleet complies with all applicable laws is a solution to consider.

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Can my employee refuse truck geolocation?

Workers have the right to oppose the installation of a geolocation device in their professional vehicle if the device does not comply with the legal conditions outlined by the CNIL or other regulatory texts. It’s imperative that employees are informed prior to the installation of this device.

Upon request, employees must be able to access their data recorded by the tool. This includes dates and times of travel as well as routes taken. Moreover, workers must have the right to disable the collection or transmission of their geographical location outside of working hours.

However, you can monitor the number or duration of deactivations and, if necessary, ask the driver for explanations and take disciplinary actions in case of potential abuses.

You have various solutions for implementing geolocation on your trucks. Just be sure to respect personal data and inform your employees.

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