Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo uses the Opti-Time solution worldwide and Opti-Time Mobile in France to optimize its 175 technicians’ curative maintenance operations and regulatory auditing of weighing equipment.

About Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo is one of the leading manufacturers of precision instruments and a service provider for laboratory and production applications. The company provides product weighing, analysis and inspection solutions to help its clients to speed up processes, improve productivity and comply with regulatory constraints.

Key figures

  • More than 60 new products launched each year;
  • 12,500 staff;
  • 175 technicians in France;
  • 100,000 calls per year;
  • Turnover of 2.5 billion dollars;
  • Global footprint with sites in 36 countries.

The challenge

This curative maintenance and regulatory auditing of weighing equipment requires Mettler Toledo’s technicians to manage more than 100,000 customer callouts a year, representing around 6 million kilometers on the road. Their daily operations entail various business constraints:

  • more than 60,000 different items of equipment with maintenance activity not on the same contractual basis;
  • 20,000 callouts at short notice and a precisely defined service level agreement (SLA) to be complied with (SLA clause);
  • 45,000 schedule confirmations to be notified to the DIRECCTE (Regional Company, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment Directorates);
  • servicing of complex equipment.

Mettler Toledo France therefore sought to equip itself with a service call schedule management solution capable of integrating all its business issues in order to:

  • optimize its 175 technicians’ routes in real-time;
  • reduce distance between appointments;
  • have greater visibility of the call schedules;
  • improve customer service quality.

The solution brought by Nomadia

Nomadia’s customized response: Nomadia Field Service and Nomadia Field Service Mobile
The Mettler Toledo Group invested in scheduling software to realize this project, opting to implement the Nomadia Field Service solution globally in its information system onward to leverage a comprehensive and personalized solution that takes account of mobile resource business constraints, and which enables movements to be optimized in a coherent manner.

In France, Mettler Toledo also opted for the Nomadia Field Service mobile application to enable technicians to consult their diary information directly from the field, both online and off-line, and communicate with the system in real-time (displaying appointments, geolocation, posting and sending service call reports…).

Moreover, Nomadia Field Service communicates in real-time with geolocation systems, enabling technicians to establish a direct connection between the solution and the GPS application on their terminal for greater convenience and efficiency.

Better customer communication and superior working comfort
Real-time optimization of schedules has improved customer satisfaction. More time is spent with the customer, they are provided with accurate reports on the service call, a call notification is automatically sent when confirming or changing appointments (postponement, rescheduled service call).

Greater working comfort has been observed for users of the tool. Managers are now in control of technicians’ workload, with better visibility of service call schedules. The schedulers benefit from integrated tools and are more easily able to manage movements with less initial expertise required.


+ 20,000 € in savings


Less travel time


Better quality of service

“After a review of our processes initially in place and a configuration of the solution according to the activities of the technicians, Nomadia Field Service quickly became indispensable to optimize the daily scheduling of appointments. The optimized schedules of each mobile resource are now accessible to all in real-time from a fixed computer or a smartphone and mission information – customer contact details, hardware serial number or quote – are immediately sent to the devices thanks to the real-time optimization of the schedules, customer satisfaction is improved. More time is spent on the customer, accurate reports on mobile service technicians. These NOMADIA solutions enable us to improve our technicians’ productivity, saving travel time between each assignment and adhering more closely with schedules. This means our teams spend more time with customers, our service quality is improved, and we avoid penalties for failing to comply with the SLA clause defining our exact targets and the service level to be provided to our customers; this represents annual savings of 20,000 euros. The software proposes solutions and all the scheduler needs to do is confirm the most appropriate one. Tracking the completion of the assignments is very visual, making it easier to understand at a glance which appointments have been confirmed and which not, and which service calls have been completed”
Jean-Paul Canonne, Director of Technology