Nomadia Delivery, the DMS platform for managing logistics flows

In a context where transport and logistics players are facing new economic and ecological challenges, Nomadia Delivery brings together the best of optimisation and traceability to design a more efficient and responsible supply chain.

Delivery optimisation and supply chain traceability

For shippers and last mile carriers, Nomadia Delivery is the ideal solution to optimize and reduce the environmental impact of your logistics activities, including the last mile delivery.

Seamless parcel traceability

Control your entire supply chain with full traceability of your business. With Nomadia Delivery, tracking begins at the warehouse and continues through to delivery (including return), whereas most existing solutions only track packages from the time they are loaded onto the truck.

appointment scheduling

By grouping deliveries in time and space, reduce the distance travelled and CO2 emissions. Rationalise all the movements of your field teams by adding these deliveries to existing routes as soon as the order is taken and by pooling your logistics flows.

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Route optimisation

Build optimised route plans with precision and improve the productivity of your drivers and subcontractors by 20 to 30%. By optimising vehicle movements and delivery driver walking, Nomadia Delivery is the only DMS platform to reduce the number of delivery vehicle stops.

Compliance with regulations

Be sure to comply with current regulations while maximising your productivity gains: take into account the Low Emission Zones (ZFE), regular updating of traffic speeds thanks to state-of-the-art geocoding supported by precise algorithms and geographical data.

What makes the Nomadia Delivery solution unique?

Discover the main features and capabilities of our solution.

With Nomadia Delivery, traceability begins at the warehouse, whereas most existing solutions begin when the truck is loaded. Received, loaded, to be delivered, delivered, waiting, undelivered, returned... you can track the status and location of your parcels in real time. And this tracking also benefits the recipient, who is kept informed of all stages of delivery, from the moment the parcel is picked up to the arrival of the delivery driver.

Nomadia Delivery connects to your online ordering portal and call centre to maximise route optimisation. Thanks to the eco-responsible appointment scheduling system, deliveries are grouped together in time and space as soon as the order is placed: productivity gains and reduced distances guaranteed!

The solution allows the construction of route plans mixing different types of transport and thus adapts to hybrid delivery fleets: car, truck, bicycle, scooter, pedestrian, etc. Nomadia Delivery is the only DMS platform to reduce the number of stops for delivery vehicles by favouring delivery on foot of parcels located within a limited perimeter and respecting the defined load thresholds.

Carbon emissions associated with delivery routes are automatically calculated by Nomadia Delivery. Supply chain actors can thus accurately measure their environmental impact and more easily publish their carbon footprint.

The mobile application is intended for delivery drivers, operating staff and order pickers, and makes it easier and more reliable to carry out their tasks. Thanks to the digitalisation of your business processes, your field teams gain in efficiency and performance and their working conditions are improved.

Nomadia Delivery users benefit from a real expertise and mastery of geography, which is essential for maximising savings through optimisation and defining routes adapted to the terrain: taking into account the Low Emission Zones (ZFE), regular updating of traffic speeds, the most efficient geocoding on the market, etc.

Nomadia Delivery makes logistics operations easier and more reliable with a range of professional mobile terminals (PDAs) that Nomadia experts maintain and support in the field.

Product FAQs

Nomadia Delivery brings together the best of parcel traceability and route optimization. You build an efficient and responsible logistics chain with our Last-Mile Delivery Management System (DMS) platform.

By reducing the miles travelled you also decrease your CO2 emissions.

From the first quarter of use, intelligent planning and route optimization enable you to increase the productivity of your delivery drivers and subcontractors by up to 30%, notably by reducing the number of miles travelled during deliveries.

Nomadia Delivery users have genuine expertise and geographical mastery to optimize delivery, including for the last mile delivery: consideration of Low Emission Zones (LEZ), regular updates of traffic speeds, the market’s most efficient geocoding, and more.

Nomadia Delivery also allows you to track your parcels from the warehouse to delivery at your customer’s location while informing the recipient of the various delivery stages.

Yes, Nomadia Delivery provides real-time tracking of activities in the field.

It allows you to monitor the real-time locations of your mobile workers on a map, contributing to an improvement in service quality.

Moreover, the all-in-one mobile application provided to drivers, operations agents, and order preparers streamlines and enhances mission reliability.

Nomadia Delivery is a versatile solution applicable to various sectors.

It is well-suited for companies looking to efficiently manage their logistics flows while being eco-friendly.

The mobile application offers specific interfaces for each profile, tailored to the needs of each organization and profession (internal or subcontractor).

Yes, Nomadia Delivery offers different versions, including an API for integration with your existing systems.

Designed to be adaptable, it allows for the import and export of data, facilitating information sharing in the field with your team and clients.

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