Würth by Wuerth India

Wuerth India uses Territory Manager Software for optimizing its business analysis.

Case Study: Würth by Wuerth India Optimizes Sales Territories with Nomadia Territory Manager 

Customer Overview: 

Wuerth India is a renowned worldwide wholesaler specializing in fasteners, screws, and screw accessories. Over the years, Wuerth India has expanded its product range to include a comprehensive selection of business equipment, catering to craft businesses globally. With a reputation for reliability and quality, Wuerth India operates as a one-stop shop, providing essential supplies to various industries. 

Würth Group 

  • Worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of mounting and fastening equipment. 
  • 87,000 co-workers in 80+ countries 
  • Sales of €20.4 billion 

Wuerth India Pvt Ltd : 

  • Established in India since 1994 
  • A workforce of 1,000 + individuals 
  • 30,000 + customers all over India 


As Würth by Wuerth India continued to grow its business and product offerings, optimizing sales territories became increasingly complex. The company faced challenges in efficiently distributing its sales teams across diverse territories, ensuring balanced customer portfolios, and setting realistic sales targets. With a vast customer base and an extensive product catalogue, Würth by Wuerth India needed a solution to streamline its territory management processes and enhance sales team productivity. 


Würth by Wuerth India turned to Nomadia Territory Manager, a powerful software solution designed to optimize sales sectors and improve commercial strategy efficiency. With Nomadia Territory Manager, Würth by Wuerth India gained access to advanced features that facilitated seamless territory planning, data visualization, and collaborative work.   

Key Features Utilized: 

  • Optimal Sales Sectors: Nomadia Territory Manager enabled Würth by Wuerth India to visualize existing sectors and analyze sales organization data to identify inequalities and adjust sector potentials as needed. 
  • Balanced Customer Portfolio: The solution allowed Würth by Wuerth India to balance its customer portfolio and distribute field teams consistently across territories, ensuring equitable coverage and setting achievable sales targets. 
  • Immediate Learning Curve: With an intuitive interface, Nomadia Territory Manager facilitated quick adoption, enabling Würth by Wuerth India to import and localize data, configure the tool, and activate automatic optimization seamlessly. 
  • Collaborative Work: Würth by Wuerth India leveraged Nomadia Territory Manager’s collaborative features to archive simulations, explore export options, and share latest sales sectors with employees, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. 



Territory Sectorization



By implementing Nomadia Territory Manager, Würth by Wuerth India achieved significant improvements in its territory management processes and sales team efficiency. The company experienced: 

  • Enhanced Visibility: Würth by Wuerth India gained real-time visibility into its sales territories, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation. 
  • Improved Productivity: With optimized sales sectors and balanced customer portfolios, Würth by Wuerth India’s sales teams operated more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and performance. 
  • Strategic Insights: Nomadia Territory Manager provided valuable insights into sales performance and territory potential, empowering Würth by Wuerth India to make informed strategic decisions and adapt to changing market conditions. 

HeatMap-2Heat Maps


“Excellent For Territory Demarcation and Outstanding Support” 

The software is incredibly reliable, making my job much easier. Not only is it user-friendly and accurate, but the support team behind it is truly exceptional. Whenever I have had a question or needed assistance, they have been there every step of the way, ensuring my satisfaction. Overall, I am very satisfied with Nomadia India’s product and service quality. Highly recommended! – Ashutosh Kanchan, Senior Associate, Wuerth India. 


With Nomadia Territory Manager, Würth by Wuerth India successfully optimized its sales territories, driving efficiency, productivity, and business growth. By leveraging advanced technology and collaborative tools, Würth continues to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market landscape, delivering exceptional value to its customers worldwide.