Nomadia Field Service, the solution to optimize your mobile workers' jobs.

Opti-Time Field Service becomes Nomadia Field Service !
Honor your appointments and optimize your technical teams’ time and effort with the benchmark solution for planning and managing field service calls.

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4.8 out of 5

Based on user feedback from Gartner Peer Insights, Capterra and GetApp. Sourceforge Top Performer, Winter 2023.

Since 2017, Nomadia has been recognized in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ report.

More appointments, less distance.

Nomadia Field Service is the field service management solution that optimizes the schedule of maintenance, controlling, auditing and service activities.

20 to 30% reduction in mileage

Smart planning and route optimization help reduce the distance covered, saving on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

20 to 30% more appointments per technician

Thanks to fast, targeted, cost-effective interventions, your teams gain 20 to 30% in productivity and enjoy more agile yet reassuring work conditions.

150 specific parameters taken into account

The artificial intelligence optimization engine assists you in planning and constructing optimized schedules adapted to real-life conditions and hazards in the field.

Optimized service quality

Shorter intervention slots are made available to customers, and commitments are better respected. The customer can track the technician on a map in real time.

All the features.

With Nomadia Field Service, formerly called Opti-Time, you can adopt an eco-responsible approach by optimizing your teams’ routes and schedules in the field.

Assisted, automated scheduling to offer optimized intervention slots in real time.

Whether directly integrated into your online site, connected to your call center, or accessible from your technicians’ or subcontractors’ mobile application, this feature guarantees that your work is globally optimized, offering a real competitive advantage.

Automatic creation of optimized intervention schedules:

  • More than 150 specific parameters may be taken into account;
  • on-call worker and subcontractor management;
  • continual search for the best appointment;
  • planning of recurring appointments and emergency interventions;
  • multi-day and multi-technician circuit optimization;
  • consideration of road traffic, overnight stays, weather conditions, the need to recharge electric vehicles, etc.;
  • respect of customer commitments, etc.

Prediction of the number of workers required, the duration of each intervention, equipment required, etc.

Nomadia Field Service, formerly called Opti-Time, projects models of your work and data to automatically propose interventions adapted to real-life conditions in the field and to your profession.

Optimal distribution of the workload and field teams.

Nomadia Field Service balances your technicians’ workload and helps you determine the ideal sectorization before organizing the intervention circuit.

A number of features foster long-lasting, high-quality customer relationships:

  • a personalized appointment portal for principals;
  • ecological slot scheduling through the calculation of the time slot with the lowest economic and ecological impact;
  • follow-up notifications by email and SMS;
  • ETA information and technician tracking on a map;
  • personalized reports; satisfaction surveys, etc.
  • field_service_management_app

The mobile application is designed to help technicians perform their tasks efficiently in the field:

  • a detailed agenda with customer and intervention information sheets;
  • specific procedures and task lists;
  • report entry (signatures, photos, documents, etc.);
  • real-time information feedback;
  • optimized appointment scheduling;
  • equipment and supply scanning;
  • disconnected mode.

Enter personalized visitation reports from the mobile application: specific workflows, double signatures, photo-taking, customer feedback entry, etc.

The intervention sheets are fully customizable to ensure compliance with your company procedures and provide technicians with optimal work conditions.

Communication tools specializing in field collaboration:

  • location of nearby co-workers;
  • internal messaging;
  • assistance in execution using augmented reality;
  • embedded document library;
  • sharing of field knowledge, etc.

Real-time tracking of vehicle fleet movements on a map and archival of completed circuits.

Because the fleet is geolocated, the planner can monitor the execution of the circuit in real time: view whether interventions are timely or late, view rescheduled or cancelled appointments, and see the difference between the projected and achieved schedules. Alerts make it possible to react quickly to any hazards and keep the customer informed.

A module that generates and processes automatic and optional alerts:

  • fall detection system;
  • detection of prolonged immobility;
  • positive security;
  • SOS button.

Nomadia Field Service is a valuable assistance device that improves field team safety.

Interactive dashboards allowing direct access to the main KPIs calculated by the application:

  • number of interventions carried out, cancelled, postponed;
  • load rate, worker and subcontractor absences;
  • comparison of planned circuits vs. completed circuits, etc.

Integrated business templates and advanced configuration to adapt the solution to your own processes.

Nomadia Field Service speaks your language and adapts perfectly to the processes and workflows of your organization and your industry.

An integrated digital adoption platform that makes it easy to get started with the solution:

  • On-board guidance;
  • Interactive guides;
  • Quick tasks and tips & tricks;
  • Integrated video supports;
  • Gamification.

API, native ETL and connectors such as CRM, ERP, and others allow you to easily integrate Nomadia Field Service into your various information systems. And a system of webhooks guarantees a secure, continuous synchronization between Nomadia Field Service and your applications.

Optimal conditions for the security and confidentiality of your data:

  • ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications, and more;
  • Secure Hybrid Cloud;
  • Microsoft Azure Architecture;
  • SSO authentication;
  • Password encryption;
  • 24-hr RPO; etc.

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Nomadia Field Service Essentials Nomadia Field Service Premium
Scheduling management

Interactive schedule revision

Management of contingencies: absences, vacations, cancelled appointments, delays, etc.

Consideration of road traffic

Alerts on conflicts or non-compliance with parameters

Real-time slot proposal

Assisted planning of interventions

Automatic schedule optimization

Management of mobile resources

Smart identification of technicians' skills

Planning of availability and vacations

Organization by team and agency

Subcontractor management


Overnight stay management


Consideration of on-call time



Lone worker protection

Quote available Quote available
Customer and intervention management

Generation of customer and intervention information sheets

Multi-technician interventions

Management of recurring visits according to contracts


Customer communication

Quote availabe Quote availabe
Mobile application

Real-time monitoring of circuit completion

Interactive proposal of appointment slots to customers


Creation of visitation reports, photos, signatures

Scan module


Management of products, supplies and equipment


Collaboration, messaging and display of co-workers

Configuration and administration

User profile management


Creation of performance monitoring dashboards

SSO authentication


Interface customization


API access

Quote available

Circulation (ETL)


News and tips on managing interventions.

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