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How TourSolver could be beneficial for your sales team/force performance

Toursolver is a route planning and scheduling software used primarily in the last-mile delivery phase of a business. It is used to get the optimal route (fast/shortest) for multiple waypoints for making deliveries using real-time traffic and GIS (Geographic Information System) data. How could this route optimization software benefit the sales team performance one might ponder, let us find out.

The daily routine of a sales executive involves him/her visiting multiple customer locations and taking orders. Many parameters are essential for maximum efficiency such as

  • No. of customers visited
  • Time Spent with each customer
  • Meeting the customer at their premises

Sales is a strenuous job, and the executives are expected to use new techniques to bypass the process to fetch short-term yields.  If left unmonitored, the chance of efficiency dropping increases significantly! This results in customer dissatisfaction, a drop in sales, and overall company performance.

Many businesses install GPS tracking on their executives’ mobile devices to prevent these issues. While this aids in employee tracking, the functionality is only for inspection. A more thorough software is required to guarantee that every event is tracked and recorded. Herein lies the role of TourSolver.

TourSolver lets you assign the points the executives need to visit in a day, giving them the optimized route, they need to take to reach them. It also sequences so that the maximum number of points can be accessed e points in such a way that the maximum number of points can be accessed with minimum time.

It also enables you to add constraints such as time per visit, working hours, schedule breaks, etc. The sales executive can also confirm the visit by capturing a photo (the location will be shared with you anyway).

This cuts down the fuel cost, which is usually reimbursed by the executive. This also ensures that the executive visits the maximum number of visit points (customers). By monitoring the time spent at each visit point you can track the efficiency of the personnel.

Thereby TourSolver acts as an effective tool for managing the on-field activities of sales executives. It was developed as a last-mile delivery routing and scheduling software and has evolved to fit itself as a solution for multiple problems and use cases.

If you already have an application to manage the activities of your sales executives then you can integrate the TourSolver API with your application for best-in-class, real-time, and optimized routing and scheduling for your sales force.

Test out TourSolver for yourself by signing up for a free trial.