JA Foods

JA Foods adopted TourSolver, a SaaS solution provided by Nomadia, which specializes in route optimization and scheduling. TourSolver was integrated to address the following key aspects of JA Foods’ logistics

Case Study: JA Foods Enhances Logistics Efficiency and Quality with TourSolver

JA Foods, a renowned supplier of high-quality rice, is committed to delivering top-notch products and superior customer service. To optimize their logistics and provide on-time rice delivery to customers across Tamil Nadu and Singapore, they turned to Nomadia’s TourSolver, a route optimization and scheduling software recognized among the This case study explores how TourSolver revolutionized JA Foods’ operations, leading to enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.


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JA Foods embarked on its journey in 1998, with a small-scale rice mill producing eight tons of rice per day. Over the years, their commitment to providing the best quality rice and top-tier customer service remained unchanged. Their continuous pursuit of excellence led them to leverage technology and modernize their logistics operations. With an increasing customer base and the need for timely, efficient deliveries, they sought a solution that would meet their logistics challenges.

The Challenge:

JA Foods’ primary challenge was to streamline and optimize their logistics operations for distributing rice throughout Tamil Nadu and Singapore. They needed to find a way to reduce transportation costs, improve delivery schedules, and ensure a consistent and high-quality customer experience.

The Solution:

JA Foods adopted TourSolver, a SaaS solution provided by Nomadia, which specializes in route optimization and scheduling. TourSolver was integrated to address the following key aspects of JA Foods’ logistics:

1. Route Optimization: TourSolver utilizes cutting-edge AI optimization to generate efficient delivery routes. It considers over 150 specific parameters, including traffic conditions, weather forecasts, and vehicle profiles. This advanced routing technology ensures timely deliveries while minimizing travel distances.

2. Real-time Monitoring: The solution offers real-time tracking and monitoring of the delivery process. This feature ensures drivers adhere to their schedules and allows customers to receive real-time updates at every stage of the delivery.

3. Smart Appointment Scheduling: TourSolver offers automated appointment scheduling for real-time delivery slot optimization, guaranteeing that work is globally optimized and providing a significant competitive advantage.

4. Decision-Making Assistance: The software provides analytical tools to evaluate optimization results, compare performance, and visualize various optimization simulations.

The Outcome:

The implementation of TourSolver brought about a series of significant improvements for JA Foods:

1. Increased Efficiency: JA Foods experienced a 20-30% increase in productivity. The optimization of routes and smart appointment scheduling resulted in quicker deliveries, reduced travel distances, and ultimately, cost savings.

2. Territory Management: This strategic tool allowed them to efficiently segment areas with a substantial customer base. This strategic division facilitated the creation of meticulously organized delivery routes, effectively eliminating route overlaps between drivers

3. Cost Savings: The software not only optimized vehicle fill rates but also helped in pooling resources and digitizing delivery processes, improving cost-effectiveness and team productivity.

4. Digitalization of Last-Mile Delivery Process: It replaced outdated manual methods with advanced, data-driven solutions. This shift significantly enhanced JA Foods’ route optimization, fuel efficiency, and overall communication and service quality for their delivery operations spanning various geographic locations.


By implementing TourSolver from Nomadia, JA Foods streamlined its logistics operations and optimized its last-mile deliveries. The company experienced a notable increase in efficiency, cost savings, and overall customer satisfaction. As a result, JA Foods continues to be a top supplier of high-quality rice in Tamil Nadu and Singapore, now with a logistics operation that reflects its commitment to excellence.

JA Foods’ journey is a testament to the transformational power of smart mobility solutions when harnessed by companies striving to provide high-quality products and services.