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Provide comprehensive protection to your public servants

Public service agents may encounter stressful or risky situations and become targets of aggression. It is essential to ensure their safety through a support system tailored to their profession. Nomadia Protect is an intuitive and ergonomic PTI/DATI solution used by thousands of agents in the field.

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In what situations do public service agents require a PTI/DATI solution?

Bailiffs and enforcement agents (tax, financial, health compliance, etc.) are particularly vulnerable to the risk of encountering hostile or aggressive individuals. They may also find themselves entering potentially dangerous or infectious environments without immediate support.

Municipal or territorial agents are often required to work in remote locations such as parks, forests, or sparsely populated areas, where they may be isolated from others and find themselves alone in case of danger.

Agents responsible for maintenance or repair tasks in isolated infrastructures, such as remote municipal buildings, pumping stations, or water treatment facilities, face various risks including electrical hazards, falls, and exposure to harmful chemicals.

Some agents of local authorities, such as security personnel, work early in the morning or late at night when others are less present, leaving them alone and more vulnerable in case of an incident.

Administrative staff at service counters and reception agents are exposed to the risk of confrontations with disgruntled clients exhibiting aggressive behavior or encountering unforeseen situations, such as theft or assaults.

What are the hazards they face and for what reasons ?

Physical assaults

Municipal agents encounter hostile or aggressive individuals when they intervene in conflict situations.

Theft and vandalism

By working in isolated public spaces or in sparsely frequented municipal buildings, agents are more easily exposed to the risk of theft of materials, equipment, or vandalism.

Verbal threats and intimidation

Agents find themselves in situations where they are verbally threatened or intimidated by dissatisfied or hostile individuals.

Accidents and injuries

Working alone in isolated environments increases the risk of workplace accidents, falls, and injuries, with no immediate assistance available.

The life-saving application


When protecting human lives, it’s crucial to rely on a reliable and efficient service. Therefore, our rigorous processes and monitoring systems ensure continuous and flawless availability of our service.


Local authority agents are exposed daily to situations that are specific to their risks. Nomadia Protect adapts to each situation (fall detection, immobility detection, voluntary alert, positive security) by generating alerts from various devices (smartphone, watch, PC).


To facilitate emergency response as much as possible, Nomadia Protect offers various options for managing alerts: teleassistance service (24/7), internal alert processing via a voice server, or through a PC.


Easy to use and simple to set up, Nomadia Protect is an intuitive and ergonomic application that also offers a web-based administration interface for configuring and monitoring your PTI equipment fleet.

How does our lone worker application work ?

Generate an alert

  • in case of a fall
  • when manually triggered
  • in case of immobility if no movement is detected
  • after exceeding a predetermined time in a white zone
  • from a computer

Receive and process an alert

  • sending SMS or emails to the numbers or addresses of your choice
  • sending a push notification to the phones in your fleet equipped with Nomadia Protect
  • outsourced management 24/7 by a remote monitoring center

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No hardware investment

  • SaaS solution
  • Download the application from Google Play and Apple Store

Highly efficient and secure solution

  • Fall detection by the Nomadia algorithm
  • Automatic pickup and hands-free function in case of alert

Easy to use and deploy

  • An intuitive and ergonomic application
  • A web administration interface for the configuration and monitoring of the PTI fleet

Indoor geolocation

  • Via Wifi or Bluetooth

  • Alarm processing 24/7 by operators trained in alarm handling
  • 100% response rate assured, statistics for 2023: 6852 alarms processed / Average response time: 42s (source: Securitas Technology)
  • Connections with public services: agreements with fire departments and police for faster alarm response
  • Deterrent effect in case of aggression: automatic pickup and speakerphone activation allowing dialogue with the victim
  • Recording of alarm processing: triggering and audio recording of calls (available upon request)

The Nomadia offering consists of ready-to-use SaaS solutions composed of a back office and a dedicated mobile application for field operatives.

Our APIs and numerous connectors allow you to integrate our technologies into third-party applications, whether they are custom solutions or market standards.

Our consulting teams also accompany you in the implementation of a tailor-made solution, adapted to your business processes.

Nomadia solutions accompany the digital transformation of all mobile professionals: field sales representatives, delivery drivers, technicians, auditors, healthcare personnel, diagnosticians, service providers, patrol officers, experts…

From SMEs to large enterprises, our solutions adapt to businesses of all sizes and across all sectors.