Territory Manager Spring 2022 is now available

Territory Manager is the SaaS solution that fairly distributes work, teams, and resources. 

Accessible, simple, fast, and efficient, Territory Manager is THE benchmark web solution for fairly distributing work, teams, and resources on a geographical basis. Sales managers, schedulers and decision-makers use this intuitive tool to define omni-channel, performance-driven strategies: balanced sales targets, optimal market coverage and improved field team productivity.

Principal new features of Territory Manager Spring 2022: 

New territorial segmentation optimisation methods: 

  • Optimizing sectors associated with a site depending on the resources allocated to it; 
  • Optimizing territorial segmentation taking account of grouped fields; 
  • Optimize one part only of an existing territorial segmentation; 
  • Optimize activities requiring pedestrian and HGV movements.

New decision-support features: 

  • Study the impact of relocating from a site and facilitating location studies; 
  • Identify a site’s operational coverage (isochrone area); 
  • Accurately assess the gains achieved by the optimization in terms of sharing the workload between sectors. 

Ergonomic improvements: 

  • Adding points, sites and resources to an existing territorial segmentation; 
  • Easy searching for an existing study; 
  • Configuring the display of objects from the map; 
  • Displaying the road network;
  • Easier undoing/reinstating of actions. 


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