Among the latest concerns of industrial companies: the smartphone in the factory and more specifically the issue of personnel safety with an innovative application: Nomadia Protect


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When your smartphone comes to the rescue of workers in difficulty

How to help isolated workers in the event of an accident? This is the question answered by the Nomadia Protect solution offered by Orange Business and its partner publisher of the Nomadia application. This mobile application is intended for all companies concerned with ensuring the supervision of field operations by protecting isolated workers. A multitude of activity sectors are affected by this issue: from maintenance to construction and security.

Orange ITW Nomadia Protect
by Mobile Business Apps

An effective Lone Worker Assistance Device

Nomadia Protect transforms your smartphone into a lone worker assistance device. The idea is therefore to offer companies a complete solution that will allow them, from a Web interface, to administer a team of isolated workers, to remotely manage the actions of its employees with, for example; the management of rounds or the beginning or end of service and finally to follow the teams in the field thanks to their geolocation data associated with real-time mapping.

Enhanced safety for workers


Lone workers benefit from enhanced security. Their smartphone automatically generates an SOS if it detects a fall or too long immobilization. The user himself triggers the sending of an SOS by shaking his smartphone (or tablet) three times.

Orange Business supports you in deploying the Nomadia Protect solution. After-sales service is provided by Orange experts and a commercial follow-up answers all your questions.