Sales organization: definition and advice

organisation commerciale

A good sales organization is of paramount importance to a company’s operational efficiency and effectiveness. We will advise you on how to optimize this to improve your sales and turnover.

Between tradition and modernity: being effective in business today. Interview with Nicolas Caron

The dividends of business efficiency are crystal clear for Nicolas Caron! Passionate about the Sales sector, in 2003 he co-founded the sales training and consultancy business Halifax Consulting. Every year, they work with thousands of sales professionals from international market-leading companies all over Europe, Asia and North and South America.    Once we had seen his […]

Are the days of mobile sales teams numbered?

Something you hear these days is that the job of on-the-road selling is on the way out. Inefficient, costly, no longer appropriate for selling into today’s hi-tech environment and the realities of the current marketplace, is the travelling salesman really doomed to extinction? Don’t speak too soon!