Green logistics: definition, objectives, and example

logistique verte définition

Green logistics is the new challenge facing logistics companies. This article will help give you a better understanding of this development. Definition, objectives, challenges, and implementation, we provide you with all the keys to developing green logistics in your company.

SaaS enterprise parcel delivery application

application saas livraison

SaaS enterprise parcel delivery applications are increasingly common. Managing the organization of one’s parcel deliveries is not always easy! This is why these tools have been created, to make things easier for you. We will explain everything to you in this article!

Logistics strategy in a company: a guide

strategie logistique

Having a good logistics strategy is essential in a company. But you have to know where to start to optimize and have the best strategy. Let us review together the very definition of the term logistics strategy before discovering why and how to define it.

Can we put a stop to empty freight?

«If all goods vehicles in circulation were filled to 90% of their full capacity there would be 2 or perhaps even 3 times less lorries on the French roads».